A CEO's Words

Dear Prospective Business Partner,

I use the word business and partner in a very purposeful way. In the six years that Morrison Associates and Food Lion, LLC have worked together, the focus of our efforts in Executive Development Consultations and executive development in general, as well as coaching, organizational development, and cultural change interventions have been accomplished in a strategic partnership where the intended, and realized outcome, has been the creation of an enabled, proactive, and conscious leadership team - equipped to meet the specific leadership requirements of today's challenging marketplace. To that end, Morrison Associates brings to the table a wealth of experience, intellectual capacity, and clinical tools focused on the specific needs and challenges of your business. The hallmark of Morrison Associates, apart from their steadfast integrity, is the flexibility to address, design and execute educational, developmental and cultural interventions unique to your strategic leadership needs.

Food Lion, LLC is comprised of more 1300 retail supermarkets representing 4 brands that operate in 11 states along the Eastern Seaboard. Following our beginnings in 1957, our history has been one of enormous success, particularly in the 70's, 80's, and early 90's. During the past dozen years, however, the consumer and the marketplace changed around us - while we did not. Our strategic reliance on low price, at the expense of other important consumer needs, our one size fits all strategy, our top down approach, and the propensity to promote from within, and only within the rigid silos of individual organizational disciplines, left us woefully lacking in meeting the needs of a rapidly changing marketplace. Our leadership lacked the interdisciplinary expertise to see the whole picture, work together, or have the reflective or introspective ability to imagine and execute a different course.

Today, while the marketplace and competitive environment is no less challenging, I believe our management team is leading, inspiring and guiding more than 72,000 associates on a path to renewed success, momentum and cultural transformation. Morrison Associates has been a critical and invaluable partner in our unending pursuit of this endeavor, for which our continuing financial improvement is but one measure of success we can point to.

During the past six years, our body of work with Morrison Associates has expanded to include all Officers and many Directors in the organization. Each has been involved in thorough 360 degree evaluations of their individual leadership style and effectiveness. Personal development plans have been established and are reviewed regularly in both one on one sessions with members of Morrison Associates as well as within the hierarchical chain. In addition, team members are enlightened on the leadership characteristics of their peers to create better understanding and effectiveness in their work together. Candidates recruited externally are similarly evaluated prior to final selection to assure fit, while honoring the need for, and value of, difference.

Members of Morrison Associates also participate regularly in a variety of strategic and tactical management meetings, many of which they either helped design or participate instructionally in. This serves to keep them informed of our business challenges as well as provide for observation opportunities of those they coach. I think it is important to note that the latter would not be possible were it not for the enormous trust and respect that individuals from Morrison Associates have established at Food Lion, as I suspect they have replicated with every organization with which they partner.

It is with great pleasure and the result of enormous respect that I enthusiastically recommend Morrison Associates as a partner in your efforts to take your business to new levels of success.


Rick Anicetti, President and CEO
Food Lion, LLC