Winter Lecture Topics 2002 through 2009*

Eight Years of Exceptional Speakers and Breakthrough Topics

November 2002 to Spring 2003

  • Defining the Risky Employee
  • Why Appraisals are Unnatural for Managers: Appraising Performance
  • Emotional Resilience in 2003: The Emotions of Difficult Times
    Your Boss Doesn't Trust You?: Understanding the Multi-levels of Trust
  • The Myth of De-Motivation: Update on Motivation in the Workplace
  • America's Lottery: Winning Big Bucks by Having the Worst Judgement: Leadership Assessment

Winter 2004

  • A Trail of Shame
  • The Corporate Campaign: What it is, Why it works .. (Guest speaker)
  • Executive Facing Termination
    Balancing Pressures and Needs of Work, Family, and Self
  • Stress

Fall 2004/2005

  • Peering Into the Workshop
  • Organizational Turnaround: Crisis Transformation (Guest speaker)
  • Digging Deeper into Teams and Teamwork
  • More Than Just 'the Blues' - Depression in the Workplace
  • Imbedding Vision and Values: Part I
  • Imbedding Vision and Values: Part II

Winter 2005/2006

  • Executive Profiling: Highly Successful CEOs and Leaders
  • Team Profiling: What Can Beat Your Team?
  • Doing More with Less: Executing in Today's Workplace
  • Somebody is Watching You: Using Your Observing Ego
  • Joint Responsibility: When Two Leaders Need to Share a Job

Winter 2006/2007

  • Do You Want to Get Better?
  • Teaching Managers to See and Use the Hard Work of Soft Skills
  • Patronage, "Nepotism", and other Staffing Anomalies: the Likely Organizational Impact (Guest speaker)

Winter 2008/2009

  • Traps and Tools for Deciding as a Team?
  • Patronage, ‘Nephewtism’, and other Staffing Anomalies: the Likely Organizational Impact
  • Financial Derivatives and the Crash of 2008
  • The Person Who Puts the Organization at Risk
  • Bringing Freud to Fraud: Understanding the Mind of the White-Collar Criminal
  • Managing Negative Emotions

Winter 2009/2010

  • Assessing the Financial Crisis from a Legal Perspective, One Year Later
  • Anatomy of an Adverse Drug Reaction – Drug and Nutritional therapy risk, a clinical perspective and applications in personal life.
  • The Academy of Organizational & Occupational Psychiatry’s 21st Annual Meeting on Work and Mental Health
  • Managing Negative Emotions, Part II
  • Thriving in Tough Times

Winter 2010/2011

  • Uncovering the Difference Between Surviving and Thriving
  • The Dodd Frank Act in Comic Relief
  • Madoff, Grey Markets, Regulatory Capture and Affect Script Psychology: A Synthesis of Ideas on Corporate Fraud from Law Enforcement, Economics and Psychiatry
  • Getting Aligned, The Working Alliance

Winter 2011/2012

  • Understanding the Unethical Executive
  • "Executive Presence" - What is it?
  • Coaching from Reality
  • The Power of the Leader, Power and Authority
  • The Euro Crises in the Context of the History of Currency Unions



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