Morrison Associates has published several monographs on change, development and personal support. We are pleased to offer our clients copies of these papers via the Web. Please note, these documents are copyrighted by Morrison Associates, Ltd. You may view or print these for yourself. You may not modify or distribute these documents without our prior permission.


The Role of Structure

Change breaks structure. By understanding the role of structure and giving structure, you can provide support and minimize resistance to change.


Tending to Oneself

As a leader, your most important resource is yourself. Tending to yourself is not an excuse for self-indulgence, but making time to give yourself support in order to be more effective.


Building Your Own Support

Tending to yourself involves building support structures at work, at home with family, and psychologically within ourselves.


Psychological Contracts and Change

Much of interpersonal interaction is guided by the unspoken expectations we have of one another. These are psychological contracts. Understanding and utilizing psychological contracts is a key to shaping human behavior and change.


Rolling Out Values into the Organization

Most people agree that values and culture are key to managing broad organizational changes, yet "values" and "culture" largely remain vague ambiguous concepts. "Rolling Out Values" examines the challenges and emotional issues which underlie changing values in organizations.