Highly Successful Morrison Network Value Statement:

The Highly Successful Morrison Network (HSMN) provides the application of objective data, proven techniques, emphasis on solid judgment in leadership and the collective wisdom of its experienced senior management team to generate pragmatic solutions for long term success. Targeted client needs include bringing stressed businesses and organizations to higher effective performance, good performing businesses to great performing businesses, and successful businesses to greater profitability. The skilled team of business consulting psychiatrists and highly successful senior business executives follow the proven principle of "diagnosis and prescription", or "theory and practical application". Eschewing trendy, parochial, academic, packaged forms of consulting, HSMN lends executive managers its strength, stability, and courage while formulating truly innovative and creative solutions in a holistic, integrated approach derived from years of successfully meeting business challenges.

The current business case

Today’s economic environment is driving fear and paralysis in business and their employees.   With a wealth of experience, the HSMN works with individuals and teams to confront this fear and paralysis and proactively plan for success in both current and future environments.  The process is based on the premise; “When the economy improves, what do we wish we would have done now to prepare to emerge stronger than our competition?”

The long term business case

Helping senior executive teams avoid excess hubris during growth and profound doubt and paralysis during contractions the HSMN provides at its core a realistic perspective. Dr Morrison, Daven, and the network have the powder burns to keep CEOS and their people in the sweet spot closest to reality where the most opportunities for long term success. Given the complimentary skills of the HSMN (Finance, Operations, IT, HR, Consulting and Personnel/Law) the collective problem solving skills of the HSMN helps provide perspective and long term strategic thought for any independent business organization.

Background on the Network

For over 30 years Morrison Associates has improved business performance through understanding and addressing the maladaptive behavior of critical leaders and their teams. Concurrently, a select cohort of senior executives and managers proved themselves invaluable to their organizations. Standing out among 1500+ executives assessed, Daven Morrison MD and his father recognized their superior performance through the decades and invited them to collaborate.

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