Morrison Associates and the Select Successful Executives: Both Supporting and Developing Executives for over 30 years

Morrison Associates, a unique multi-disciplined professional advisory team is currently leveraging the power of a limited number of highly successful executives with proven general management experience. These CEOs and executives, who have worked through all manner of challenges and uncovered unique opportunities not seen by their competitor’s problems and solutions, have been selected by Dr. Morrison as individuals who have proven to be able to sustain success in tough times. This group of executives are members of a select group of roughly fifty executives who sustained success over decades. This group has been chosen out of the nearly 2000 executives and managers who have been consulted by and worked with the Morrison Team. Morrison Associates has over 30 years of experience leveraging the power of an established business practice with the insight and approach to help business and executives move up the curve through improved performance of the leadership team.

The Desired Clients

Targets are those organizations with a leader who is interested in taking the performance of the current team to a higher level. The desired clients include those who are motivated to bring on advisors who will challenge all members of the leadership team. The advisors will work quickly to understand the organization and offer guidance to the long term direction as well as the immediate resistances to change.

Diagnostics of a Desired Client

The deepest engagements will be with an entrepreneurial or even aggressive leadership team. The strongest ties will be those who are open to direct dialogue and have a willingness to look at challenges within the team. To summarize, the target is any organization with issues or challenges that may interfere with becoming a much higher performing team.

Value Proposition – The New Morrison Offering

The combination of the Morrison Team and processes combined with the Network provides the people, tools and capacity to make any organization better. An indepth evaluation focuses on probing, listening and understanding the issues and problems, by a multi-faceted team from Morrison Associates. The assessment of the client will include a period of discussion to find synergy between the organization and Morrison Associates, including the “Highly Successful CEOs and Executives.” This would include one or two iterations of conversations of issues facing the organization and then a plan to address the challenges. One member of the Network will align with Dr Morrison as the lead. Others will rotate on or off as leads, depending on the client’s needs.