360 Evaluation

There are three parts to the 360 Evaluation. The first addresses leadership competencies; handling conflict, motivating people, integrity, professional acumen, setting a strategy, etc. There are between three and seven questions for each competency.

The other two question sets relate to perceptions — how are they perceived related to their style — and open-ended questions. The open-ended questions allow anyone to comment on the specific area they want to highlight and to talk about work across departments/shared responsibilities. The perceptions are very important for style (these are adjectives on a continuum and allow a person to see how they are impacting others).

These three sections are summarized in several ways for the participant. There is an overview graphically, with average numbers, and then is broken out per question and per group: subordinates, peers, and boss. The results are anonymous but the groupings of the “360” degrees around the leaders are crystal clear and consistently provide insights. The insights provide new ways of leading.

The 360 Feedback is generally always integrated into an understanding of the leader’s judgment with assistance from the Morrison Team. This includes time to thoughtfully review privately and uninterrupted in advance of the conversation with the Morrison team member.

After a private review of the questions, a consultation of ninety minutes takes place to develop a work plan with each individual leader. The work plan explores the findings and integrates with plans for change in the long term as well as immediate changes. It also explores the areas where the leader will need support.

360 for Municipal Leaders

For the Municipal leader, the 360 is adapted for the needs of the elected officials to provide input and to target the specific competencies required for on-going certification. This is recognized and Morrison Associates, Ltd is listed as approved for the required program, which is requested by the ICMA every five years.

To set up your 360 assessment, please call (847) 991-2260 between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM ET or use our contact form. Fees provided upon request.


Executive Consultation

Tailored around the goals of the executive and the organization, this one-day program focuses on developing senior level executives. A consulting team, comprised of both a management consultant and a psychologist or psychiatrist, evaluates the executive’s strengths and weaknesses. Such information is synthesized with respect to the consultation goals. The consultant team then works with the executive to develop a specific plan to accomplish these goals. The Executive Consultation is confidential. Appropriate information is shared with the organization with the permission and request of the client.


Executive Development Consultation

The Executive Development Consultation (EDC) helps leaders become more effective by providing an uncommon opportunity for them to examine their judgment and personalities in depth with skilled professionals in a trusting and confidential environment. Important insight is gained through the combination of Morrison Associates’ assessment and the feedback from the client’s boss, subordinates, and peers. The EDC is suited for both the executive who wants to work on a specific set of issues or problems, as well as the person who uses it as a preemptive process for maintaining good judgment in times of change and stress.



Critical Strengths Assessment

Because high potential managers require support to develop into successful leaders, Morrison Associates developed this three-quarter day program to address their unique developmental needs. Such a process encompasses the underlying philosophy of the Executive Consultation while emphasizing the enhancement of skills required for advancement to senior management. During this assessment, consultants evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of this potential executive to create a developmental plan. A feedback session between the consultant, client, and supervisor is then held to create actionable steps to implement the changes required for continued development.


Pre-employment and On-boarding

A two-thirds day program was developed to address remaining questions of a hiring organization about their final candidates. Such an assessment is unique in that recommendations are made outlining the supports needed to facilitate the integration of the candidate into the organization and position rather than a suggestion as to which candidate to choose. A plan is generated aimed to expedite the integration of this new employee, thereby accelerating their ability to achieve strong business results.


On-going Development

Executive consultations can produce dramatic results within a short period of time. Nevertheless, some executives can best benefit from on-going support. Learning new behaviors or adapting to new roles, for example, may require extra guidance, reinforcement, and discussion. Morrison Associates provides ongoing leadership and management counseling as needed. On going assistance can be done over the phone, or in person as warranted.