Executive Consultation

Tailored around the goals of the executive and the organization, this one-day program focuses on developing senior level executives. A consulting team, comprised of both a management consultant and a psychologist or psychiatrist, evaluates the executive’s strengths and weaknesses. Such information is synthesized with respect to the consultation goals. The consultant team then works with the executive to develop a specific plan to accomplish these goals. The Executive Consultation is confidential. Appropriate information is shared with the organization with the permission and request of the client.

Executive Development Consultation

A one and one half-day program for senior level managers and executives, serves to integrate the components of the Executive Consultation (first day) with an additional half-day of organizational feedback from the client’s boss, peers and subordinates (360-degree feedback).  Because an objective, robust profile of the client is obtained before integrating the 360-degree feedback, the executive receives greater benefit from the feedback process.  He/she is then able to work actively to integrate the feedback with their unique strengths and weaknesses to create a plan for additional development.  As with the Executive Consultation, the work of the first day is confidential.  However, the second half-day of feedback and analysis is appropriately shared jointly with the client and his or her supervisor.

Critical Strengths Assessment

Because high potential managers require support to develop into successful leaders, Morrison Associates developed this three-quarter day program to address their unique developmental needs. Such a process encompasses the underlying philosophy of the Executive Consultation while emphasizing the enhancement of skills required for advancement to senior management. During this assessment, consultants evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of this potential executive to create a developmental plan. A feedback session between the consultant, client, and supervisor is then held to create actionable steps to implement the changes required for continued development.

Pre-employment and On-boarding

A two-thirds day program was developed to address remaining questions of a hiring organization about their final candidates. Such an assessment is unique in that recommendations are made outlining the supports needed to facilitate the integration of the candidate into the organization and position rather than a suggestion as to which candidate to choose. A plan is generated aimed to expedite the integration of this new employee, thereby accelerating their ability to achieve strong business results.

On-going Development

Executive consultations can produce dramatic results within a short period of time. Nevertheless, some executives can best benefit from on-going support. Learning new behaviors or adapting to new roles, for example, may require extra guidance, reinforcement, and discussion. Morrison Associates provides ongoing leadership and management counseling as needed. On going assistance can be done over the phone, or in person as warranted.