Success Stories

Executive experiences leadership “stretch” and financial results improve

“You stretched my leadership capabilities to the outer boundaries and beyond,” says an executive of a Morrison Associates client.  “It’s not a one-time assessment, and that is what I think has been so powerful in growing my leadership.”  She shared the work she did with us among her direct reports, and they helped her.  “We are in a dynamic business…where the needs change over time.  Your organization is one that adapts to that and what we did is a perfect example.” 

The executive says, “I have seen the leaders of our organization grow as a result of [Morrison Associates’ work with us]. Our leaders’ developmental plans have been realistically applied during the past three years, and I can see a direct link between our financial results and the time our team has spent with you in your organization.”  The value of this organization’s shares has grown in that time from $13 to more than $60 per share.