Success Stories

President of $2B Division Asks For Help With Senior Leader From Acquired Company

A promising new president expatriated to the US from Europe was perplexed by a disengaged SVP.  The executive had previously been a top performer and was still seen as a leader in his field by academia and government. The president recognized that part of the issue related to politics and outcome of the acquisition, but some of it was unique to the SVP.

Morrison Associates, Ltd. recommended our Executive Development Consultation, which included our unique assessment with a tailored plan developed together with the SVP.

Despite much political intrigue, the promotion of the president, and an avoidance of conflict and confrontation in the new culture, we cultivated critical advocates for the executive.  And he refocused his efforts to the point that his highly critical peers were amazed: “What did you do with Chick?” 

Our process led to a reinvigorated SVP, who effectively restructured his area, integrated with the broader business strategy and effectively mentored and developed his successor. Ultimately, he retired to an active life “with dignity and respect”.