Success Stories

Derailing Senior Executive Revitalizes, Disproving His Skeptics

A SVP of HR contacts Morrison Associates, Ltd. for help with a highly technically senior manager of a $2B Financial Services firm. She notes that his style and his lack of organization cause him to be seen as needing substantive coaching, his continued role in jeopardy.  She notes also that for political reasons, he’s been demoted to make room for another senior leader, but that there are many who’d be willing to advocate for his development. She and the organization ask for improvement to the level needed by the organization within 6 months.

The Morrison Associates team uses the strengths of the executive, the Executive Development Consultation, and dialogue with several internal advocates.  He makes the changes in three months, and is well on his way to a new level of leading by six months.

This executive goes on to take the work with our team (and the opportunity it provided) to develop his team, his organization and his successor. This allows the entire system to navigate a difficult restructuring.