A SVP of HR contacts Morrison Associates, Ltd. for help with a highly technically senior manager of a $2B Financial Services firm. She notes that his style and his lack of organization cause him to be seen as needing substantive coaching, his continued role in jeopardy. She notes also that for political reasons, he’s been demoted to make room for another senior leader, but that there are many who’d be willing to advocate for his development. She and the organization ask for improvement to the level needed by the organization within 6 months.

The Morrison Associates team uses the strengths of the executive, the Executive Development Consultation, and dialogue with several internal advocates. He makes the changes in three months, and is well on his way to a new level of leading by six months.

This executive goes on to take the work with our team (and the opportunity it provided) to develop his team, his organization and his successor. This allows the entire system to navigate a difficult restructuring.

A Hi-Tech Company sets a goal of aggressive growth with no slip in quality, with an emphasis on customer service. JAM Consulting and Morrison Associates, Ltd. design a multifaceted solution, emphasizing the culture and the leadership.

Proactive innovative programs are designed, developed, and delivered for customer service, leadership development, and strategy in the market.

This consultation is ongoing. So far, this client has doubled in revenues, from $1.5B to $3B, has grown from nine to 400 people, and has been voted one of the Top 10 new companies.

Morrison Associates, Ltd. were the consultants of first choice to support an organization as its morale plummeted due to a poorly planned, but popular corporate campaign. We were engaged to assist in meeting a mandate to repair the morale. The organization was split against itself, and the humor its members used to help them get through their difficult work was gone. Threats of violence were implied and also feared.

Morrison Associates, Ltd., along with Psychology Associates and a recognized industry expert, facilitated dialogue between managers and non-managers. Education for managers and non-managers was provided as well as new routes for communication. The work progressed over approximately two and a half years. When it was completed, the organization sustained dramatically better morale, and the corporate campaign stopped.

For almost a decade, one of our clients has worked toward the goal of becoming the best in a $100B industry. They’ve been challenged by thin margins of profit in a mature industry. They have many new competitors with deep pockets and experience, willing to engage in ruthless, well-orchestrated corporate campaigns against them.

Morrison Associates, Ltd. helped this firm through several years of crisis, supporting its leaders and their leadership team with many individual and organizational development programs. A primary focus in our work was to directly address the interpersonal factors impeding execution and performance. We directed particular focus on the individual leaders, their education and training efforts and the interpersonal factors impacting feedback discussions.

The work with this organization is ongoing, but of many positive outcomes, the one in which our client takes most pride is being rated the best in the industry y the premier industry magazine.

A promising new president expatriated to the US from Europe was perplexed by a disengaged SVP.  The executive had previously been a top performer and was still seen as a leader in his field by academia and government. The president recognized that part of the issue related to politics and outcome of the acquisition, but some of it was unique to the SVP.

Morrison Associates, Ltd. recommended our Executive Development Consultation, which included our unique assessment with a tailored plan developed together with the SVP.

Despite much political intrigue, the promotion of the president, and an avoidance of conflict and confrontation in the new culture, we cultivated critical advocates for the executive.  And he refocused his efforts to the point that his highly critical peers were amazed: “What did you do with Chick?” 

Our process led to a reinvigorated SVP, who effectively restructured his area, integrated with the broader business strategy and effectively mentored and developed his successor. Ultimately, he retired to an active life “with dignity and respect”.

“You stretched my leadership capabilities to the outer boundaries and beyond,” says an executive of a Morrison Associates client. “It’s not a one-time assessment, and that is what I think has been so powerful in growing my leadership.” She shared the work she did with us among her direct reports, and they helped her. “We are in a dynamic business…where the needs change over time. Your organization is one that adapts to that and what we did is a perfect example.”

The executive says, “I have seen the leaders of our organization grow as a result of [Morrison Associates’ work with us]. Our leaders’ developmental plans have been realistically applied during the past three years, and I can see a direct link between our financial results and the time our team has spent with you in your organization.” The value of this organization’s shares has grown in that time from $13 to more than $60 per share.

An experienced executive who finds our work supportive and helpful returns to Morrison Associates: He wants to make his division the one where people would like to work. “I don’t want people to have to rotate through here, and I don’t want to beg the organization for good people, I want them to want to come here.”

Using individual work, team building programs and new insights gained from dialogues with his team and Morrison Associates, Ltd., this executive leveraged his knowledge and  the expertise of Morrison Associates, Ltd.. The result of this work: The highest rated Engagement Scores of any division in this highly competitive international $50B organization.